City on the up

By the Editor

© The Star 2005-07-06

We are confident, we Johannesburgers, that deep down we are lovely souls, spirited and vibrant and nice to know. But we confess, too, to occasional failings. Among these is our capacity to overlook the nice things happening in our beloved mining camp, so as to keep our energy free for complaining about the less non-nice things.

What else stops us taking mass pleasure in our brand new harbinger of a new era of inner city housing? Brickfields, newly risen and very newly occupied on a formerly drab portion of the north west edge, is a good news development with much potential to become a great news development.

We want a city shared between business and residential. We want residential to mean not crowded slums but contented and stable people living in colour, light, security, comfort, the strolls and recreation of urban life in its fullness. We want the world to visit and admire. We want all our fellow Joburgers to live in pride.

Not long ago, such wishes seemed naive. Increasingly they become reality. Brickfields - a joint public/private endeavour spearheaded by the admirable Johannesburg Housing Company - places a keystone in the ascending edifice of urban advance. Let us each in our own way, whether hands-on or well-wishing, contribute to making the ascent