Cities Magnets of Hope - World Habitat Day 2006

The United Nations has designated the first Monday in October every year as World Habitat Day to reflect on the state of human settlements and the basic right to adequate shelter for all. It is also intended to remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat.

UN-HABITAT is delighted to announce that the Italian city of Naples has been designated to spearhead the 2006 global celebration of World Habitat Day on Monday 2 October. The theme of the occasion decreed by the United Nations to reflect on the state of human settlements around the world, this year will be Cities, magnets of hope.

This year, I have also accepted to personally attend the World Habitat Day Celebrations in Kazan, Russia, which are expected to take place on 4 October 2006. The theme, chosen by the United Nations, is to remind all of us that the world is witnessing the greatest migration in its history of people into towns and cities. In 1950, one-third of the world’s people lived in cities. Just 50 years later, this rose to one-half and will continue to grow to two-thirds, or 6 billion people, by 2050. Cities are now home to half of humankind.

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