Makhulong a Matala

Makhulong A Matala (a seSotho phrase which translates as ‘greener pastures’) is a wholly owned subsidiary of JHC and is responsible for the range of community development and support services that JHC offers its tenants.

Makhulong was established in 2004 and operates with a full-time staff of eight people, including management, Community Development Officers, Community Development Coordinators and an Administrative Officer, based at JHC’s head office in downtown Johannesburg.

Neighbourhood Development

JHC initiated the eKhaya Neighbourhood Improvement Programme in Hillbrow, in 2004. It was the first of its kind in a high density, predominantly residential, inner city neighbourhood.

At the time, JHC owned three buildings in the neighbourhood (these have increased over the years). With Makhulong and an appointed eKhaya coordinator, it laid the groundwork for the new neighbourhood association to take form, to drive improved safety, cleanliness, accountability and good order, and to improve the public environment, making a positive contribution to neighbourhood renewal in this part of the city.

Community Development

JHC is unique among social housing institutions in South Africa, and among non-government organisations more broadly, in upholding the balance between the financial and social objectives that are core to its mission.

In community development JHC introduced the approach of investing in social capital, encouraging and supporting individuals and the wider tenant community to develop their life skills, to participate in the larger society, and to build the social bonds, community relations and civic commitments that enable healthy communities to grow.