Kopano Portfolio

The Kopano Portfolio comprise of the following buildings: Bonvista Mansions, Carr Gardens, Cresthill Mansions, Dorchester Mansions, Gaelic Mansions, Rondebosch, Smitshof, Smitshof Extension, Towerhill and Tribunal Gardens

JHC has a team of staff members to service tenants living at these buildings:

1. Bongani Makhoba is the Portfolio Officer who coordinates the Kopano Portfolio. Bongani can be emailed on bongani@jhc.co.za

2. Debtors - To deal with tenant matters related to utilities and rent payment. Mahlodi Malane - mahlodi@jhc.co.za / 010 593 0200 is the Debtors Administrators allocated to handle your account queries. Shahida Nabi is the Head of Department.

3. Leasing - To deal with tenant matters related to leasing of JHC units. Penrose Moyana contactable on penrose@jhc.co.za / 010 593 0219 is available to assist with accommodation enquiries in these buildings. Lisa Marshall is the Head of Department.

4. Makhulong A Matala - To deal with community development in and around JHC buildings. Sifiso Ginindza is the Community Development Officer who manages, community development interventions at these buildings. Ntombi Swelinkomo (Community Development Coordinator  - contacts ntombi@jhc.co.za / 010 593 0272) and Facilitators at each of these buildings ensure that social related queries are addressed accordingly. Each of the buildings has a dedicated Housing Supervisor with an office at the said building in order to attend to tenant related queries.