Directors & EXCO

Johannesburg Housing Company Board of Directors 2014

  • M.P. Lephunya (Chairperson): Regional Director, Region D - Greater Soweto
  • B. Nokaneng: Director, Thebe Property Asset Management (Pty) Ltd  
  • I. Suleman:  Chief Financial Officer, Arrowhead
  • R.M. Giuricich (Chairman of the Remuneration Committee): Independent Consultant
  • L.S. Kline: Managing Director, Len Kline & Associates
  • P.J. Makosholo (Chairman of Audit Committee): Chief Operations Officer, Kagiso Capital
  • J. Strelitz: Executive Director, NewHco
  • E.P. Stroebel (Executive Director): Chief Executive Officer, Johannesburg Housing Company
  • N. Maliza: Executive Director, Corporate & Government Affairs, VWSA
  • P. Mpofu (Executive Director): Chief Financial Officer, Johannesburg Housing Company
  • M.P. Nyenjana: Chief Financial Officer, Kagiso Trust
Johannesburg Housing Company Senior Managers
  • Elize Stroebel:  Chief Executive Officer
  • Boyce Maritz: Property Manager
  • Karabelo Pooe: Revenue Manager
  • Lindi Malinga: Managing Director (Makhulong A Matala)
  • Prosper Mpofu - Chief Financial Officer